Brown Chinese Love Pillow — Item 162

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Brown Chinese Love Pillow

This is a very warm & friendly pillow. It would look great in a wide variety of situations and decors.

This is a one-of-a-kind custom accent pillow. The design used is the Chinese symbol for love. The thread color is brown. The pillow size is approximately 12″ x 16″ x 4″. The center panel is an off-white color. The side panels and back are a brown corduroy-like fabric. The fabrics are very soft. The brown fabric reflects light in a unique wave-like fashion. I overexposed the 3rd photograph of the back so it is easier for you to see this.

Inside, there is a new, soft, high quality pillow insert.

This love glyph is perhaps the most widely known of the Chinese symbols. The symbol is the character, 愛, “ài.” This is pronounced like the English word, “eye.” It translates: to love, affection, to be fond of, to like. On this pillow, this symbol is about 3.25 inches tall.

(To check the translation, the website archchinese is recommended.)

The type of calligraphy used — its “font” — is a simplified font that has nice curves, is elegant, and digitizes well. This is not a machine font in an embroidery machine. Each part of the character has been digitized by hand. The character's strokes actually stitch out in the correct order as if a professional Chinese calligrapher was drawing them.

John researched the design, researched the translation, and digitized the design. Beth created the pillow design and did the embroidery. Beth uses great computerized embroidery and sewing machines that allows her to easily reproduce this design.

This Embroiderglyph's design would also be great on a purse, a tote, or sweatshirt. If you prefer, we can easily make this design with or without the English “Love” underneath.

If you would like something else in Chinese, please, let us know. John already has translated over 500 popular Chinese words, phrases, and 4 character idioms (Chengyu) that he can digitize. Chances, are he can do something custom.

(In general, there would be no digitizing fee for generic Chinese characters or phrases, since we can reuse them in the future.)


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This pillow's size is approximately 12″ x 16″ x 4″.


Cottons, Polyesters.


This pillow includes a new, soft insert — which is hand-sewn inside.

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This design is great for: totes, bags, purses, pillows and sweatshirts.

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