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Exotic Cream and Tan Fern Pillow

This is a one-of-a-kind custom accent pillow.

The design is a fern leaf. John researched and digitized the design. The type of fern is Aspidium Aemulum. The original living fern for this design was collected by the famous botanist, Edward J. Lowe and was published in the 7th volume of his classic book, “Ferns: British and Exotic.” The original illustration was a watercolor made by the famous artist, A. F. Lydon. These books were published between 1856 and 1860 and are now in the public domain.

This pillow would be a great asset for the professional real estate agent staging upscale homes and cabins.

We have a number of other fern designs — coming soon — from this collection and would consider taking requests. If you look through this book — using Wikipedia, or Biodiversity Heritage Library — just contact us with your request.

The front side panels and back use a very nice cream & tan upholstery fabric. The center panel is an off-white, ivory/cream, suede-like fabric.

The embroidered design has a high stitch count.

Beth created the pillow design. Beth uses great computerized embroidery and sewing machines for the bulk of the work, then hand sews the final side shut.

Both of the fabrics on the front and back have a nice soft feel. This accent pillow would be a great gift for a person with a green or ivory interior design. Ferns compliment most interior designs. A very elegant, versatile accent pillow!

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This pillow's size is approximately 14" x 14" x 5".


Cottons, Polyesters


This pillow includes a new, soft insert — which is hand-sewn inside.

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This design is great for: totes, bags, purses, pillows and sweatshirts.

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Fern, pillow, embroidered, embroidery, throw pillow, accent pillow, Embroiderglyphs, Aspidium Aemulum, Edward J. Lowe, Ferns: British and Exotic, A. F. Lydon, cabin, electic, British, interior decorating, real estate agent, staging

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